Sophomore at the School of Computing and Information Systems, Singapore Management University

Software Engineer Intern @ GovTech Singapore

Hello World!


Hey, I'm Joshua, I'm a Sophomore at Singapore Management University, majoring in Information Systems. I'm an incoming Software Engineer Intern @ GovTech Singapore, under the Government Digital Services (GDS) division, working on CrowdTaskSG. Outside of work, I enjoy working out at the gym and going for runs in the city. As an aspiring software engineer, I'm constantly looking for opportunites to expand my knowledge in this field. If you're interested in collaborating, or have an opportunity in mind, feel free to drop me a message here.

Where I've Worked


Software Engineer Intern @ GovTech Singapore

Jan 2024 - Present

  • Government Digital Services (GDS) - CrowdTaskSG

  • A gamified citizen engagement platform developed to bridge the gap between citizens and the government. It’s a one-stop platform where citizens can share their opinions, take part in surveys and earn coins that can be redeemed for rewards.

  • Technologies: TypeScript, Next.js, Node.js, AWS

Things I've Built



A gamified web app connecting people to share excess food. Upload receipts to add items to inventory or complete quests to earn vouchers.


Documentation of what I've learnt over the years. Built with Docusaurus, a project for building and maintaining open source websites.

Project Freelance

Developed a custom personal brand website for clients using the latest web technologies, while adhering to industry best practices.

Coding Portfolio

Designed and developed a responsive coding portfolio, built on top of Next.js & Tailwind CSS, deployed to Vercel.

Project Sayocode

Web builder that automates the process of app creation.

Project Still Young

One-stop platform for mothers to learn about confinement practices.

Project Bread

Mobile App to streamline process of food collection.

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